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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Essay/Poster Contest

MLK Essay Contest

For the past twenty-six (26) years, The San Francisco Alliance of Black School Educators has hosted the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Essay and Art Contest.  This intellectual endeavor is grounded in the principles of hope, inclusivity, and access.

The contest is open to all grade levels and scholars are expected to produce original art, poetry, and essay pieces.  Participants come from diverse backgrounds and schools throughout the city of San Francisco.

Each year, students are presented with a prompt. In previous years, the prompts have included topics of Social Justice, Freedom, and Community. Scholars are able to engage in critical thought and expression. Winners are selected by a Committee of Judges. The Judges select winners based on their originality and grade-level mechanics. 

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Essay & Art Competition aims to: 

  1. Spark Creativity 

  2. Encourage discussions around relevant issues 

  3. Engage in standard-based practices. 

  4. Create Student's voice

How The Activity Is Funded

This Event is held on the fourth Saturday in February in Celebration of Black History Month in conjunction with our Oratorical Festival.  The Activity is now funded with our Dreamkeepers Funding Percentage of Time: 5% of the Coordinator’s time is spent looking for funding; 95% of the Coordinator’s Time along with the Executive Committee is spent on the Activity.


Contact Mr. Harry Jamerson, Chairperson

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