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Oratorical / Musical Contest

The Oratorical/Musical Contest is an annual event sponsored by the San Francisco Alliance Of Black School Educators. The event is held in February. The contest is to provide a forum for students to demonstrate excellence in oral language, speaking, comprehension, collaboration, and presentation of knowledge and ideas of subject (CCR English and Social Studies) Students who are enrolled in grades K-12th are eligible to compete.

The purpose of the performing arts is to encourage students to develop expertise in the areas of
vocal, piano, and instrumental music. Each contestant will be awarded certificates/ winners
awarded trophies.


The purpose of the competition is twofold:
To encourage students to develop skills in memorization, interpretation, and delivery.


To recognize the uniqueness of each individual's special talent, and to develop skills, self-esteem, and self-confidence.


The participants are judged (Oratorical) on the following: enunciation, projection, style of presentation, poise, use of language, vocabulary, delivery, and knowledge of the subject. All oratorical materials must be delivered by memorization.


Musical participants will be judged on the following: basic musical knowledge, musical
expression, key of the song.


Contact Ms. Brenda Jackson, Chairperson

(415) 819-9343‬

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